Let’s talk about two pitfalls of online dating. First: Here’s how to avoid online dating burnout: 

  • #1: Set a three-date minimum. If you’re going on a lot of first dates, but never getting to date #2, it’s easy to become jaded. So, even if you didn’t click on the first date, agree to a second and a third date. So, you can see whether you actually like each other, or not. 

  • Another way to avoid online dating burnout: Change your requirements. If you always search for blond, athletic, 25-year-olds, you’ll see the same faces. Instead, search by interest – like, “enjoys hiking,” or “wine tasting.” Having a mutual interest is the perfect conversation starter. 

  • And finally: Take a break. Relationship expert Dr. Christie Hartman says that if you haven’t met anyone promising online in 6 months, take a month off. Then, try a new dating website. Rework your profile. And choose a new profile picture. That way, you’ll appeal to a whole different set of people.

The second online dating pitfall is: Falling for a love scam! Online dating scams have jumped 1,800% in the past 4 years.

So, should dating websites do background checks on prospective members? Privacy advocates say no! They point out that there’s a fine line between protection and violating someone’s privacy. Also, if a site requires background checks and makes a mistake, they could be sued for damages. Besides, what would be involved in a background check? Searching for felonies? Misdemeanors? Or simply complaints by fellow daters? Until this gets sorted out, use common sense: Never give money to anybody you’ve never met face to face – no matter how well you think you know them online.