Here are seven ways you can slim down, strengthen your bones, and eliminate pain, all without spending over $10! Here’s a list of affordable health essentials, courtesy of Prevention Magazine.

  • First up, save your bones with a $6 jump rope. Jumping rope isn’t just good cardio, it gives your legs a pounding which strengthens your bones. When you put stress on your skeleton, it reacts by getting stronger to support that stress. How about helping your bones without spending a cent? Just stop drinking soda. The amount of phosphoric acid in ONE CAN of regular or diet soda is enough to leach calcium from your bones. According to Tufts University, if you’re drinking three cans a day, you’ll have 5% lower bone density.
  • Now for some cheap weight loss tricks. First, buy a peppermint plant for about $3 at your local nursery. People who sniff peppermint eat 3,200 fewer calories a week! $3 too much? Start keeping a food dairy for absolutely nothing. A recent study found that keeping track of your foodcan double your weight loss!
  • If you’re fighting body aches and pains there’s cheap fixes for that too. About half of all arthritis pain is triggered by drinking cow’s milk. So switch to non-dairy milk like soy or almond; you can find it in most grocery stores for about $4.
  • Now, to give your brain a boost on the cheap, play Sudoku for free online. Researchers have found that playing Sudoku can significantly increase your mental abilities. Try – or other free online brain games at Or for about a buck apiece you could pick up some cans of tuna. Eating two or more servings of tuna a week can reduce the risk of dementia by 30%!

It doesn’t take much money to get yourself on the road to better mental and physical health.