You've heard us talk before about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. That's a diet that mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil, fish, beans, rice, pastas, red wine and occasional meat. It's the #1 diet recommended by Michael Roizen, doctor of critical-care medicine and author of the book "The Real Age Makeover." He says the Mediterranean Diet is the best diet to prevent aging, and age-related diseases. Well, we found more reasons to go Mediterranean.

  • Lasting weight loss. The healthy fats and protein in the Mediterranean Diet keep your blood sugar level on an even keel, making you feel full. When you feel full, you'll eat less and be less tempted to snack. For instance, a breakfast of scrambled eggs will leave you energetic a lot longer than toast and jam because those turn into simple sugars in your body - giving you a quick energy spike followed by a crash.
  • It decreases practically every heart-disease risk factor, including high blood pressure and cholesterol. However, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, there's no single aspect of the diet that keeps your heart healthy. It's the synergy of all the diet's elements.
  • The Mediterranean Diet also helps prevent diabetes. Recently a group of type-2 diabetics were asked to follow the diet. After four years, only about half of them needed diabetes medicine! Every single patient lost weight, which is critical to keeping diabetes in check.
  • It can cut your chance of getting Alzheimer's disease by 40%, according to the American Medical Association. Add exercise to the mix and your risk is cut by 60%.
  • Lastly, you can live longer! Studies show that adults who eat a Mediterranean-style diet can add four extra years to their life.
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