Being snubbed hurts more than your ego - it can hurt you physically too. And it's not just a snub that's painful. Other emotional upsets can cause actual physical problems, too. We read about this in Self magazine and here's what they recommend you do to protect your emotions and your body from pain. * First, let's say everybody in your department at work went out for dinner but they didn't invite you. It can feel like a punch in the stomach, literally. Because being snubbed triggers activity in the same brain center that registers physical pain. To relieve your misery: Try to explain to yourself what happened and why. Maybe they thought you had to rush home to your family. Psychologist Matthew Lieberman says thinking about your feelings can reduce the pain response in your brain. * Another painful situation you might want to rethink. Impatience! Like being in a long line at the supermarket and feeling so frustrated that you want to ram other shoppers with your cart! Well know this. People who report high levels of impatience are twice as likely to develop heart problems. That comes from the Journal of the American Medical Association. To get around those blood boiling moments and protect your health, cut down your to-do list. That way you give yourself more time to get things done and you'll be less likely to get grocery cart rage. * Okay - one last emotional pain / physical pain link. Holding a grudge. Two recent studies suggest that people who learn to forgive, experience fewer ailments - like backaches, headaches, and stomach aches. If you're having trouble letting go of problem, talk to a therapist or minister, or pick up a copy of this book, "Loving Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness". It'll help you realize how good it feels to let go.