There’s a best time for everything – even emailing, Tweeting or Facebooking! In fact, you can tell a lot about our society based on when we post stuff to social media – and what we’re posting about!

  • Emails sent at 6am are the most likely to be read. That’s according to Dan Zarrella, a social media scientist for the web-marketing firm, Hub Spot. He analyzed BILLIONS of emails and he found that most people now start checking email first thing in the morning, often before they get out of bed! Zarrella says that email has replaced the newspaper – it’s now what we read to see what’s going on in our world.

  • Read your Twitter or Facebook feed at 9am. That’s when users are most likely to post upbeat messages – and the least likely to post downer messages. That’s according to a study done by Cornell University of over 500 million tweets. Why do we post positive stuff in the AM? Because we’re rested and have more energy! However – on the weekends, those happy posts start popping up at about 10:30am because people have slept in.

  • Tweet to be re-tweeted, or your Facebook post to be shared, post it between 3pm and 6pm. That’s when people lack the energy to come up with their own stuff, so they’d rather pass on your clever comments.

  • If you’re looking for “Likes” on Facebook, post something around 8pm. It’s another happiness peak for us because we’re home, we’ve had dinner, and we’re relaxing. Facebook posts get the most likes at that time of day.

  • There’s late-night drama on Twitter and Facebook that happens around 10pm. People use more emotional language because we’re starting to get tired, our defenses are down, we’re more emotional and more agitated too. So, if you’re thinking of posting something before bed, you may want to think twice. You may regret it in the morning.