We’re going to debunk some long standing beauty myths. So the next time you hear an old wife telling one of these tales – you can tell her you got the facts from The John Tesh Radio Show.

Let’s start with cellulite.  There are creams and medical procedures that claim to get rid of it – but do they work? In a word, no. They can mask the lumpy appearance temporarily, but cellulite is genetically determined and if you have it, it’s there to stay. Not even lipo will get rid of it. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re heavy or thin, cellulite doesn’t discriminate.

How about this one – shaving will make hair grow back darker and thicker. If that were true, wouldn’t all men with thinning hair shave their heads? Shaved hair may appear thicker, but what happens is, you’re cutting the hair at it’s base, which is the widest part. So it grows out without a naturally tapered end. But shaving doesn’t change the color or width or density of hair.

Similarly, plucking a gray won’t make 10 more grays grow back in its place. It’s biologically impossible for 10 hairs to grow back from a single follicle. If you start seeing more gray hair, it’s because you’re going gray.

Finally, what about those beauty products or treatments that say they can shrink your pores? Again, it’s like the cellulite claims. Your pores will never change size – but you can mask their appearance temporarily by using products that tighten the skin. An old trick from Grandma? An egg whites mask. Apply whisked eggs whites to your skin with a clean paint brush, let it dry, rinse with cold water, pat dry – and voila! The appearance of tighter skin and smaller pores.