No matter what’s keeping you awake - or what time of year it is - these tips will help you sleep more soundly:

First: Head to bed at the same time every night. That’ll train your brain to be primed for sleep. Researchers at Cornell University say the TIME you choose doesn’t matter - it’s the consistency that counts. And once you have a predictable bedtime, your brain will begin to produce twice as much melatonin as usual. And that’ll reduce your risk of insomnia in just 10 days.

Another way to sleep better: Make milk your nightcap. Whether it’s warm or cold, drinking milk before bed can cut your risk of tossing and turning in half. That’s because milk is packed with tryptophan, which helps you relax into sleep. But what makes milk ideal is that it contains protein AND carbohydrates. And you need a combination of carbs and protein to get tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier.

Finally: Try some ginger. It contains compounds that quickly reduce airway swelling and inflammation, which decreases snoring, and helps your sleep more soundly. And researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that people who consumed a teaspoon of fresh ginger a day, or two slices of candied ginger, cut their risk of restless sleep as much as 40%.