Guys, it’s time to dust off a few old phrases from your grandfather’s generation like: mutton chops, handlebars, chin curtains, or soul patches.

Yes, facial hair’s making a big comeback these days. And believe it or not, today’s men have some great reasons for growing a new beard or mustache.

First, many guys are saving money by letting their so-called “recession stubble” grow out, instead of buying expensive electric shavers and fancy 5-blade razors. In fact, sales for male shaving products are down about 12 percent in the past year.

Guys are also growing “backlash beards” to react against many years of the popular “metrosexual” look. Men see their facial hair as a way to reclaim their masculinity.

The beard trend’s gotten so popular, that beard blogs are popping up. Some of the most popular sites include and  Men can also participate in beard-growing events aimed to raise money for charity, like No Shave November.

But the reality is that grooming a beard can often take more work than shaving. You should shampoo and condition your beard just like the rest of your hair. And to keep it soft, experts recommend combing it every morning – from top to bottom. That way you’ll keep looking suave and trendy, without scaring away every woman you see.