So, if you have guests coming to town this year, here are a few tips on how to be a great host. These come from Cynthia Rowley, coauthor of the book "Home Swell Home.
Stock their room with 4-star amenities. Snacks in a dresser drawer, an ice bucket with a bottle of wine, and of course - chocolates on the pillows, will show that you've gone out of your way to spoil your guests.
Remember the little things. Even if they have to sleep on the sofa, matching sheets and a comforter will upgrade the accommodations. And laying out towels for your guests will spare them any strange bathroom anxiety they might have.
And one last tip for hosting holiday guests: Keep 'em busy. Prepare for bad weather by getting some board games together - like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble. Check local listings for cool things that are happening while they're in tow. And if you have time, pop on over to the Chamber of Commerce and pick up some tourist brochures. That way they can plan a few activities on their own if you don't have time to run them around.