Job hunters, employers have a message for you: They’re ready to bust you for any lie on your resume – big or small.  

A new survey found that a lot of candidates are lying on their resumes these days. Consider these shocking statistics: 

  • Nearly half of applicants fudge previous employment info. 

  • 1 out of 4 applicants lie about their education. 

  • And 1 in 10 candidates don’t disclose they have a criminal record.

And even though the stats make it seem like we’re a nation of pathological liars - experts say we’re not lying any more than we have in years past. It’s just that we’re getting caught more! That’s because more companies, of all sizes, are screening candidates with background checks. 

And, today’s background checks dig deeper than ever. For example, a background check from a few years ago would verify the dates you went to college. A 2013 background check will verify the dates you went to college AND pull up your G-P-A.

Companies also tend to screen all applicants, not just those gunning for management positions.  Some even screen temporary employees, vendors and consultants. Basically, anyone who could harm their business.

So, be ready to back up and prove everything you put on your resume.