Studies show that 62 percent of adults use email in the workplace. But a few email bad habits could cost you big time:

Bad habit #1: CC’ing someone out of the blue. Say you’re having a dispute with a co-worker, and despite several email exchanges, nothing’s been resolved. So, in your next reply, you sneak in a CC to your mutual boss. The problem: Not telling your coworker that you’re about to involve the boss shows a total lack of respect. It also makes you look petty, sneaky, and untrustworthy – to everybody involved.

The next bad email habit: Setting up auto-responses.  Like: “I get a ton of emails every day, but I’ll respond to yours as soon as I can.” You may think you’re being nice by warning people that you’ll be slow to reply. But it sounds condescending, like you’re busier than they are. In fact, experts say you should only use an auto-response if you’re on vacation or out of the office, and can’t respond to your email.

The final bad habit: The instant follow-up. Basically, sending an email, and calling 10 minutes later to make sure they got it. Experts call that a “gotcha” move, where you trap someone into responding to your email immediately. A better bet: If an email’s important, call before you send it – and explain what’s in it, and when you need a reply. And they’ll be much more likely to get back to you ASAP.