Did watching Beyoncé show off her baby bump at the 2011 VMA’s make you suddenly want to have a baby too? You’re not alone! Here the science of something called “baby fever.” Experts say it’s real... and get this: Men can get it too!When women get a sudden urge to have a baby, many people say they have "baby fever." 

Now, a new study has found that baby fever’s not only real, it also exists in **men**!

The study was led by Gary Brase, a psychologist who’s interviewed more than a thousand people about their so-called “baby fever.” He says the most common reason why women and men suddenly want a baby boils down to, quote: “a visual connection.” Basically, he says you might see or hear someone else’s baby, and that leads you to want one of your own.

Brase says that was a surprise, because until this study, most experts had assumed that baby fever came from social pressures, meaning some women suddenly want kids because they believe that’s what they’re supposed to do! But as it turns out, Brase says all humans have the potential to be bitten by “the baby bug,” because we’re naturally hard-wired to want to nurture children. Yes, even men…