Baby-boomers are becoming senior citizens and they don’t want the quiet life! They want to stay active, educated, entertained and independent into their golden years. Here are the top three ways boomers are rethinking retirement living:

  • First, boomers are creating senior co-housing communities. These are clusters of homes that have shared amenities like a pool or tennis courts – BUT they also have nurses and caregivers that come regularly to check up on the community. Everyone splits the costs of services and saves. They’re great because everyone has access to care and amenities but they also have their own space.
  • Another new senior living arrangement: University-based communities or UBRCs. Instead of the beach or a golf course, these retirement communities are located close to a university campus. They partner with the school to offer great healthcare and access to classes and campus amenities. Currently, there are 25 senior living facilities near colleges and another 50 or so are in the works!
  • Finally, instead of moving to a retirement community, the retirement community is coming to them! It’s called a “retirement community without walls.” Many seniors don’t want to leave their homes, so some new companies will bring healthcare professionals to your home, do maintenance around the house and drive seniors to social events, like concerts – and it’s all managed by an established retirement community. You just don’t have to live on-site. This kind of care is also pretty costly, up to $60,000 to enroll, plus a hefty monthly fee. It’s great if you’ve got the money and want to stay in your home, but experts say this model doesn’t work if the retiree is sick or needs special care.

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