If you’re single, and your social life’s on life support, it could be because of your online dating profile. Here are some common mistakes people make.

The first online profile mistake: Being too funny. Relationship expert Seth Meyers says that both men and women say they want someone with a sense of humor. But if your profile looks like a Jay Leno monologue – packed with jokes and one-liners - you won’t sound sincere. And insincerity is a flat-out attraction killer. Instead, limit yourself to one or two jokes max, and respond to questions honestly.

The next dating profile mistake: Sarcasm. Bev Bacon is the author of Internet Dating: Meet Me…… Don’t Delete Me! And she says that to most people, sarcasm doesn’t come off as smart, or witty, or clever, it actually sounds defensive. And that’s a red flag for anyone looking for a meaningful relationship. And especially don’t poke fun at online dating – because you’re making fun of the people you’re trying to meet.

Final: Don’t overemphasize your financial success. Laurie Davis is the author of Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.  She says that focusing on your bank account is a turn-off for a lot of singles. We do want someone who’s financially secure – but talking about it comes off as materialistic. And remember: Posing in front of your Bentley is only a good idea if you’re in the market for a gold-digger.

And it’s okay if you have an average job, or a regular lifestyle. Most of the people looking for a relationship are in the same boat.  And they want someone they can relate to.