If you're still looking to meet the person of your dreams; there's no getting out of it. You'll HAVE TO go out on at least one first date. If you're lucky, that'll be it. You'll fall madly in love, get married and have truckloads of kids. But it doesn't always happen that way. So until you meet your soul mate, here's some advice on how to avoid first date disasters. These come from Complete Woman magazine.

  1. Turn off the cell phone. Nothing is ruder than interrupting a getting-to-know-you conversation to answer your cell phone. If you can't give someone your full attention on the first date, they're going to think you'll ignore them once you get more acquainted.
  2. Leave the games at the ballpark. Mind games create winners and losers, and you don't want to wind up the loser. So don't test or overly tease your date. Games create a "me" mentality, and only focus on your individual goal   not what's best for both of you.
  3. Don't reveal your character flaws. Telling your date that you're clumsy and unorganized will make them think you're a bumbling fool. Everyone has weaknesses, and they'll eventually come out. But on the first date you need to put your best foot forward - that first impression is crucial.

And some final first date advice: Save finance talk for your accountant. No one needs to know your financial status on a first date, so don't flash your bankbook if you're swimming in cash. First dates are about chemistry. There's no need to discuss money until you're sure there's a chance for a serious relationship.