There are so many books and classes available, we should all be experts by now! According to the Reuters news service, the State Assembly in California is poised to take Feng Shui one step further. Feng Shui actually means "wind" and "water" and it's a Chinese style of design and living that encourages the flow of "chee" - or positive energy - through your home or office. It's supposed to create living spaces that are in harmony with the environment, and promote happiness, health and prosperity

Has anyone ever tested Feng Shui and built a house specifically to create disharmony? They did on the TV show "Big Brother." They broke every rule of Feng Shui and if you watched "Big Brother," you know that house was full of chaos and problems. Famous buildings across the country have been built following the principles of Feng Shui including the Mirage and Bellagio casinos in Vegas, the "Falling Water" house by Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania, and the offices of The Wall Street Journal. Even huge corporations like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines use Feng Shui to improve business, and keep their employees happy and motivated.

In California, architects who include the principles of Feng Shui in office building designs are often denied building permits. Why? Because local ordinances often restrict the direction that windows and exterior doors can face, design elements that are crucial to Feng Shui. Leland Yee, Assistant Speaker Pro Tem of the California State Assembly, wants to change that. He introduced a resolution urging California cities to adopt design standards that accept the elements of Feng Shui. They haven't voted on it yet.