The workplace habits that hurt your career can also hurt your health. Here are three surprising things that are causing more damage than you may realize:

  • Tight deadlines. A lot of people think they work better under pressure. But a University of California study found that the stress caused by looming deadlines produces chemical changes in the brain that interfere with learning and memory. So, ultimately, cutting things too close makes your performance suffer. Plus, that type of intense short-term stress can just be just as bad for your health as stress that lasts weeks or months.

  • Overusing your smartphone. Corporate trainer Dana Brownlee says that constantly emailing and texting on your phone can cause muscle fatigue. It can also cause a repetitive stress injury known as Blackberry Thumb that can send shooting pains up your wrist. And as far as your career, if you have to send messages from your phone, proof it carefully and don’t close with an automatic salutation, like: “Please excuse any typos in this message. It was sent from my phone.” That’s not an excuse for sloppiness. And since so many of us use our phones for work email, people will think that sloppiness extends to all your work.

  • Boredom. Management expert Mark Royal says that, contrary to popular belief, bored workers don’t hang out at the water cooler all day. They tend to isolate themselves and seem less approachable. So, they tend to be labeled uncooperative or unfriendly. And studies show that people who complain of boredom are more likely to die young, and to die from heart disease or stroke. It also puts them at higher risk for workplace accidents.