Next time you’re at work, look around at your coworkers. They’re judging you! Even tiny irritations – like your messy workspace, or loud chewing – can annoy them, and hurt productivity. So, here are the top coworker pet peeves to avoid:

  • Kissing up to the boss. Especially if it hurts your coworkers. Like one employee we read about, who shared every mistake his coworkers made with higher-ups. But he never warned his coworkers - even if they had time to fix it! Experts say that makes you seem self-obsessed, untrustworthy, and difficult to work with. Bottom line: If you want become management, you have to have the support of your boss and your coworkers. And tearing others down does NOT make you look good by comparison.

  • Negativity. Even if things aren’t great where you work, employees who constantly complain are the most disliked. Your coworkers will eventually associate you with the negativity you spread, and decide you’re the source of bad vibes. The most-hated behaviors are: Gossiping, interrupting, ignoring or discounting a coworker’s ideas – and bullying.

  • Being messy - especially in shared areas. Like leaving your food to mold in the break room fridge. And when it comes to your personal workspace, some people view messiness as a sign of laziness or disorganization.

  • Being stinky. So, no more microwaving last night’s fish dinner for lunch, or OD-ing on your new cologne.

  • Loud talking. If you need to concentrate, but you’re trapped in a cube farm with somebody who never stops yapping, it can affect your work.