Are you looking for “The One” but keep end up dating jerks, players, and flakes? Your bad dating habits could be to blame. So, here are a few bad habits to avoid that’ll help you immediately turn your love life around:

  • Dating the same type of person again and again. Experts say that we’re creatures of habit, and gravitate toward partners that feel familiar. And so subconsciously you could be drawn to a never-ending stream of jerks, or players. The fix? Go on a bunch of dates with people who aren’t your type. Experts say it’ll break your habit of automatically gravitating toward negative partners. And will also open you up to a whole new group of people.

  • Low self-esteem. Studies show that confidence is one of the most attractive qualities to men and women. So, next time you go to a mixer or on a date, wear something orange or red. Studies show that bright colors help release the feel-good chemicals that increase happiness and energy. Another way to boost your confidence? Every time a negative thought pops into your head, like “No one here will be interested in me.” Replace it by thinking of something you're proud of like, “I have lot of friends who love me.” That’ll remind you of why you’re such a good catch and other people will pick up on your positive outlook.

  • Do you only date tall men or blonde women – no exceptions? Having super restrictive rules mean that you’re filtering out tons of potential good partners, right off the bat. So, eliminate anything that isn’t a deal-breaker from your list of dating criteria. After all, is having dark hair really a game changer?