On the relationship front: How do you know when it’s love and how can you tell when your date is NOT your soul mate? Here are some relationship clarifiers to help you rate your date so you can find out sooner rather than later whether you’ve found the love of your life – or should RUN for your life!

  • You need at least one “very” to fall in love. In other words, it helps if your new crush is VERY smart, VERY caring, VERY funny, or VERY cute. Basically, for true love to spring forth, you need to see at least one magical, heart-fluttering quality that makes them stand out.
  • If your partner is “very very” anything – that could be a relationship-zapper.  For example, if they’re VERY-VERY good looking or VERY-VERY funny, they might also have a super-size ego and be super-annoying because they KNOW how awesome they are.
  • Good looks fade – but a bad personality is forever. In other words, if you took away the physical attraction, is this someone you could be friends with? If not, run - don’t walk – to the nearest exit.
  • If your new partner complains that all their exes were CRAZY, ask yourself what your date did to MAKE them crazy! Remember: It’s hard to have a stable, happy, long-term relationship when you’re dating a drama queen. Or someone who pushes your buttons and turns you into one!
  • Does your newbie partner FEEL for you when something goes wrong? Or are they dismissive of your woes, and indifferent to the local and global problems splashed across the headlines. In other words, they’re basically missing what some people call “the sensitivity chip.” Bottom line: If they’re not concerned and supportive at the beginning of your relationship – it’s not going to get better as you go along.