You've heard the old saying: "No news is good news." That's generally true, unless you're waiting for the results of a medical test! Turns out - you may never get the results! According to the Associated Press, a new study examined the medical records of 5-thousand patients from all across North America. And it found that doctors fail to contact patients about abnormal test results at least 7% percent of the time - or about one in 14 patients. Now "abnormal" test results doesn't always mean something's wrong with you - or your health is in danger - it could just mean you need another test...... But no matter what the results are of a blood test, an MRI, or cancer screening - bad things tend to happen when patients don't get their medical information. That's because a minor illness could turn into something more life-threatening, if your doctor forgets to call you with your results. So what should you do if you have a test and never hear back from your doctor? The experts say always call the doctor yourself one week after the tests were conducted. That'll give plenty of time for most test results to come back. Also, make sure your doctor confirms the results personally......even if the receptionist or a nurse gives you the results, make sure you speak with your doctor directly.