Are too many women looking for fairy tale romance? According to Lori Gottleib the answer is yes. She’s the author of the new book “Marry Him: The Case for Mr. Good Enough.”

In the book, she says women get their ideas of what “Mr. Right” is supposed to be like from movies and television. And they spend their twenties and early thirties dissing men who might be pretty good, and holding out for a fantasy guy who doesn’t exist.

According to Gottleib, these women end up over 40 and alone while their friends are getting married and having kids. She says women need to get over the “Mr. Right” fantasy and realize that men can have faults and still be marriage material. And the sooner they do that, the sooner they can find a guy. Gottleib says passion and romance should come second to finding a guy who’s just a plain ‘ol good guy.

But a lot of women aren’t too pleased with Gottleib’s assessment that they should “settle” for a man. Take Newsweek Columnist, Julia Baird. She says there’s no reason for women to settle for a humdrum marriage to an “okay” guy, just so they can buy a white dress or have kids. She says, sure some women are too picky.

But the majority of women who stay single into their forties didn’t do it because they couldn’t find a man. They stayed single because they were concentrating on their education or their careers. And there’s nothing wrong with waiting for what you want as long as you’re prepared to never find it.

Some say when you settle you accept less than you deserve. Do you agree? Or are women too picky?