Experts say there are some things that women do unwittingly, that may be sabotaging their own marriage! Here’s what you need to know about some bad marriage habits – and how to fix them – according to relationship expert Laura Doyle:

  • You reject your partner’s efforts to make you happy. Studies show that men are “wired” to fix things, which is why Doyle says it’s in a man’s nature to want to make his wife happy. But a lot of men get discouraged in relationships, because every time they try to do something nice or helpful, they feel like they’re being rejected. Like when they vacuum the house, but then get chewed out for leaving the sink full of dishes. Doyle says instead of seeing what your spouse does wrong, focus on what they do right.

  • You treat your home life like work life. Our expert says women hold more power at work today than ever before. And after a full day of managing projects, or bossing people around, many women go home and act the same way with their spouse! But for relationships to work, you need to be partners, not boss and underling because that shows more respect.

  • You treat problems like they can’t be fixed. Doyle says she endorses divorce when one partner is actively addicted to drugs or alcohol, is abusive, or is incapable of being faithful. But today, a lot of women file for divorce for vague reasons like: “We just grew apart,” or “He was emotionally unavailable.” Our expert says these are intimacy problems and they’re fixable if you’re willing to try – with counseling. Otherwise, intimacy issues are going to stick with you from one relationship to the next!