Experts say that as the 77 million Gen Y kids born from the 1980s through the 1990s reach adulthood, and everything from how we work, to what we wear, will change forever. Here’s a sneak peak of how our lives will change, courtesy of Yahoo Finance.

Cars may become extinct. A huge number of Gen Y-ers are ditching cars for public transportation. Why? They think driving is a major time-waster because they grew up multi-tasking. So, they’d rather chat with friends on Facebook while riding the bus to work, instead of driving themselves.

Then, look for a housing boom. More Millennials are buying homes at an early age than previous generations. In fact, one in three North Americans under the age of 32 are already homeowners. Why? Because the housing crash created rock-bottom real estate prices, and since a lot of them are car-less, they’re buying houses close to public transportation.

Another way Millennials will change the future: Say goodbye to your desk. Peter Brinkerhoff is the author of Generations. He says older generations view work as a strict 9-to-5 job, but Millennials refuse to be chained to their desks. They say technology allows them to be plugged-in to work anytime and anywhere. If you have star Millennials on the payroll, consider offering flextime. Otherwise, they’ll find a company that does.

The final way Millennials will change the future: They’ll bring back dress codes. Helicopter parents programmed Gen Y to express themselves, which they freely do with revealing clothes, tattoos, and piercings. Their self-expression has gotten so out-of-control that more companies are cracking down and creating strict dress codes. Take banking giant UBS. They recently created a dress code controlling everything from appropriate hairstyles to jewelry choices for employees of all ages.