Is online shopping becoming too easy?

It’s something that has financial experts worried, now that a growing number of Websites are offering “one-click” shopping. For those who don’t know, that’s the term for services which let you store your credit card and shipping information online, ahead of time. So then, when you want to buy something, all you have to do is click a button, wave your smartphone, or even just send a “tweet”.

For example: Most people are familiar with Amazon’s 1-click ordering. And recently, American Express introduced a new service called Amex Sync, which links to your Twitter account. With that, all you have to do to buy something is post a message on Twitter – using a special hashtag, like “hashtag buy digital camera” – and the item’s yours!

Experts say one-click shopping is a big reason why online sales grew 16-percent last year. But some experts say that it’s made shopping too convenient. First, because with one-click shopping, we no longer have to see the money we’re spending. And many studies show that we tend to spend less when we see cash leaving our wallet – or even when we have to stop and type in our credit card information because it forces us to think about the consequences.

Plus, a lot of our shopping habits are tied to our emotions. And the worry is that when you can buy a new outfit as easily as you can post an angry tweet, then you’re more likely to give into impulse shopping!

In other words: One-click shopping can easily cause us to overspend and go into debt. Which is why a lot of experts recommend using it with caution.