Where are people finding potential love matches? It varies from region to region, but researchers found a way to analyze it. On Craig’s List, there’s a section called “Missed Connections.” That’s where people post messages to someone they met, or saw, that they were interested in, but for whatever reason – they never got around to exchanging phone numbers. They’ll post something like, “We met at the subway station, and we had a nice conversation, but you got off the train before I did and I never got your number. Please contact me.” This is actually how our Production Coordinator Elizabeth met her boyfriend. Well, researchers crunched the numbers and here’s what they found:

  • On the West Coast, people are finding love at the gym – and on the bus. Those are the two main places where people spot someone they’re interested in.

  • In Nevada, it’s no surprise people are looking for love at casinos.

  • All along the southern US, from New Mexico to Florida – and every state in between, people are looking for love at Walmart!

  • Along the east coast of the US, convenience stores, like Stop & Shop, are the hot spot for missed connections. Like, “I saw you getting a carton of milk and you smiled at me, but you left before I could talk to you.”

  • And in the middle of the country, people are finding love at the supermarket – from Minnesota, to Wyoming to Nebraska.

So the takeaway message is this – people are out there looking for love in very ordinary places. Open your eyes, strike up a conversation, and you never know if you’ll make a connection.