We can’t live without our smart phones. And according to a recent study, the reason is because we’re in love with them.

Research found that people who accidently left home without their iPhone felt stressed-out, incomplete, and cut off from the world, symptoms that are similar to separation anxiety. And when researchers gave volunteers brain scans while they were subjected to the ring tone from their phone, the results were the same across the board: The biggest flurry of activity was in the part of the brain associated with feelings of love and compassion. The exact same reaction as when a girlfriend, boyfriend, or family member walked into the room. 

What else have researchers discovered about our smart phone obsession? We’re learning early. Researchers gathered a group of babies together that were less than 20 months old, and gave them each a cell phone to play with. The moment every single baby grabbed the phone, they swiped their fingers across the screen as if they expected it to work like an iPhone.