If you’re not sure, here are signs that you might want to find a new one. Sometimes, patients and doctors just don’t mesh well. So this’ll help people find an MD who’s a good fit for them. We found this in Quick and Simple Magazine.

  • They rush you. We know that doctors are busy, but what good is going to the doctor if you constantly feel like you’re being shoved out the door? If your appointments seem hurried, either speak up or move on.
  • They dismiss your questions or concerns. If you say “Doc, I’m tired all the time,” and they respond with something like “Eh, it’s probably just stress,” you may want to see someone else. Sure, your sleeping issue could be related to stress, but what are the other possibilities? Should you come back if you still can’t sleep in a couple of weeks? You should get the answers to these questions. For the best chance of getting your health concerns answered clearly, come prepared with a list of questions for your doctor, and take NOTES when they answer them.
  • Also, you may want to find another doctor if they’re hard to get a hold of. Again, we know doctors are very busy, but if you can’t get an appointment or a call-back in a timely manner, that’s not good for YOUR health.
  • You feel uncomfortable being honest about your health issues. Ok. So you smoke. You know it’s bad for you, but you have to discuss this kind of stuff with your doctor. If you feel like your lifestyle is being judged, it’s going to make you less likely to talk about your bad habits – which isn’t good. So if you feel awkward being honest with your doc, it might be time to move on.
  • If you DO decide to look for a new doctor, ask a NURSE to recommend one. They often have the low down on the best doctors in town. After all, they work with them!