Are you happy at work? A new online quiz will help you figure it out and provide personalized tips to raise your on-the-job happiness. It’s called the “Happiness at Work” online test. It came out about 6 months ago – and so far, 11,000 people have taken it, in over 90 countries! It was developed by Nic Marks, an economist who’s worked on happiness and well-being initiatives for the British government.

You answer questions like, “What’s the most stressful part of your job?” And “How often do you like your assigned tasks?” Then, the software instantly computes your on-the-job happiness level, pinpointing what works for you – and what doesn’t. For example, the test could show that your coworkers are the most stressful part of your job and recommend that you minimize interactions with them. And experts say the quiz is more helpful than you may think - because a lot of people know they aren’t happy at work, but don’t know exactly why. This test helps you pinpoint the “why.” But the test isn’t just for individuals – whole companies are taking it. That way, HR can see the areas that need improvement, from employees not getting along, to whether the workspace is pleasing or not.

The site says, “Happiness is a serious business.” And they’re right. Happy employees are 30% more productive, less likely to be sick or quit. Their sales are nearly 40% higher – and their creativity is three times higher than unhappy workers. Happy workers also tend to have better relationships at home.

So what makes most employees happy? The top factors are whether they enjoy the actual tasks required, are able to focus on the things they do best, and whether they’re proud of their employer. The test is free for individuals – and $10 per employee for companies. Go to