Want to lose weight and get toned fast? It’s simple. Step away from the treadmill – and do some plyometrics instead! It’s also known as “jump training” – because it involves sudden, intense bursts of movement that combine jumping or hopping with strength training like skipping, jumping rope, or jumping on and off boxes. Basically, you’re using your own body weight for resistance. 

Plyometrics was originally created by Soviet officials to help train Olympians. And now pro athletes everywhere incorporate it in their training. 

But the workout is also catching on with average Joes worldwide. And fitness chains, like Equinox and Cross Fit, now use plyometric-based moves in their classes.

So, why are we going crazy for plyometrics? Experts say it’s the most efficient work-out around because it simultaneously burns calories and builds muscles – really fast. 

That’s because when you do quick and intense movements, your muscles contract at a much greater force than when you exercise at a regular pace.

Another huge selling point of plyometrics? 

It doesn’t require you to join a gym or buy exercise equipment. All you need is a pair of sneakers! Because we do plyometric moves in our every day life – say jumping off a bus to the curb, or getting up and down from a chair. Even playing hop-scotch is plyometrics! 

But before you turn into a plyometric-maniac – experts warn that it’ll put a lot of stress and pressure on your joints and tendons. So start slowly. Here are a few exercise to get you started:

  • First: Squat Jumps. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Then, squat down and jump as high as possible. 

  • And here’s a popular plyometrics move you probably haven’t done since you were a kid: Skipping – except, kick it up a notch. Jump and lift your knees as high as possible.