Are you forgetful? Have you already forgotten what I just asked you? Here are simple tricks that’ll help boost your memory. These come from Quick and Simple Magazine.

·First: Use acronyms. If you can’t remember your grocery list, take the first letter of each item and invent a phrase that uses all of those letters. For example, if you need lemons, apples, milk, and bread, take the letters L, A, M, and B and come up with a phrase that uses those letters. Like ‘Let’s all mambo badly.’ Then, recite this phrase while you’re in the store. You may look silly, but the phrase will help jog your memory, and you’ll be able to recall your list. 

·Next: Stress less. Psychologists say stress hormones block the chemicals that relay information to the brain. So if you’re frazzled, you’ll have trouble remembering things. The fix? Take a brisk walk or do some yoga the next time your mind goes blank to unblock your neural pathways. Studies show that exercise helps keep stress hormones under control.

·Another way to boost your memory: Read. Reading is great for your mind because it gives both your short and long-term memory a workout.

You use your short-term memory to remember what you just read, and your long-term memory to remember the book’s main story line. And the more you use your memory, the more efficiently it works. So try reading for 15 minutes each day.

·And a final way to boost your memory: Make connections. Studies show that linking a new memory to an old one can help etch it into your mind. So, if you meet someone at a party named Tom, think to yourself ‘my brother’s name is also Tom.’ Linking the Tom you just met to a Tom you’ve known for years will help your brain make a connection, which means it’ll be easier to remember later.

So to remember these tips, let’s make an acronym. We’ve got ‘make acronyms,’ ‘stress less,’ ‘read,’ and ‘make connections.’ How about ‘Marching seals read memoirs.’ Ok. Maybe not.