Ladies, do you drink too much? You might, and not even realize it. Here are a few surprising facts about women and alcohol:

  • If you down one drink every day, the CDC considers you a “moderate” drinker. And three drinks in one sitting makes you a binge drinker. A lot of people believe that binging mostly involves crazy college kids. But according to the CDC – 70 percent of binge drinking involves adults older than 26.

  • What you think is too much is probably way too much! Alcohol affects women more than men. For one thing, women tend to weigh less. And the smaller the body, the less water there is in their system to dilute the alcohol. Also, research shows that women’s stomachs produce less of the enzyme that helps break down alcohol, which means more alcohol ends up in their bloodstream. So, women tend to get much drunker on less.

  • Even women who occasionally binge drink – like every other weekend – can develop a drinking problem. And that’s scary, because alcohol consumption is tied to breast cancer, heart disease, and brain damage. And when female drinkers get those diseases, they’re hit a lot harder than male drinkers.

  • Alcohol is classified as a carcinogen. The CDC recommends that you drink no more than one drink a day – max. And every alcoholic drink you consume above that can impact your health negatively. The bottom line? The more alcohol you consume – and the more frequently you drink – the higher your risk for brain damage, cancer and heart disease (along with falls, traumatic injuries, date rape, and car crashes).