Have you ever felt the need to take a vacation from your vacation? You’re not alone. There’s a new study out showing that 40-percent of people return from a vacation feeling MORE stressed than they were when it began. 

Why? Experts say the most common problem is that many of us take vacations with family or friends, where we don’t get enough “me time.” So if arguments break out, it’s more difficult to get away from them because you’re all under one roof. Researchers say that causes a lot of people to choose what they call a “stretch” activity. That’s an errand, like checking email or exercising, where we can stretch it out as long as possible. For example: Say you’re visiting family, and you usually go for a morning jog. Instead of running only three miles, you’d run at least six, just to give yourself a break from everyone. 
The good news is that studies show most of us enjoy spending vacations with other people. But the bottom line here is simple: You’ll get more out of your next vacation if you schedule some “me time” along the way.