When you’re in a relationship, certain behaviors can drive your friends crazy. So here are the most-annoying “couples’ habits,” and how to avoid them:

  • First: Canceling at the last minute. Everyone knows you’ve got less free time when you’re in a relationship, but the more often you flake on your friends, the less often they’ll ask you to join them. Bottom line: Love doesn't give you permission to be rude. And having a life outside your relationship helps make it stronger. 

  • Another annoying couple habit: Assuming your partner’s invited everywhere you are. It’s okay to assume they’re included for big parties. But if you reply to every invitation by saying: “We'd love to come!” you may be killing your friends' plans to catch up with just you. If you’re not sure who’s included, ask if it’s a couples’ night.

  • Another habit to avoid: Posting endless couple’s photos, status updates, and Twitter love notes. Most people don’t want to know every personal detail of your relationship. So, ask yourself why you need to make your relationship so public. If it’s because you’re feeling insecure, or trying to show off, stop it, and save social media for special milestones, like your anniversary.

  • Another annoying couple habit to avoid: Being “calendar codependent.” For example, before you accept any invitation, you always say: “I have to ask Billy if we’re free that night.” It makes it seems like you’re not an individual. You should be able to make a coffee date without checking with your significant other. You’re in a relationship, not a cult.  

  • And the final couple habit to avoid: Playing matchmaker. When you’re in a happy relationship, you want all your single friends to find love too. But constantly trying to set them up makes it seem like you think there’s something wrong with being single.