A super-cleaner is the term experts use for the 1-in-5 people who love cleaning so much, they devote at least five hours a week to it – cleaning at least 18 different things. And they don’t just vacuum and dust, experts say super-cleaners are the types to get on their hands-and-knees, and put “elbow grease” into their work. And, in some cases, they scrub so hard, they literally peel the paint right off of appliances!

While most of us will never work that hard to clean the house, cleaning product manufacturers – from vacuum companies to the folks who make dishwashing liquid – say super-cleaners are very important to them. Because they know that if they can win support from someone who loves to clean, it’ll mean more business from casual cleaners. It’s the same reason sneaker companies target athletes. Because they know if LeBron James endorses a certain pair of sneakers, then casual basketball fans will be more likely to buy them! So, super-cleaners are the reason why products keep getting better and stronger – from scrub brushes with heavy-duty bristles, to bathroom cleaner with more powerful cleaning chemicals.

And by making products stronger for the super-cleaners, we all benefit - with a cleaner house in less time. And know this: Whether you’re a super-cleaner or not, the Center for Emotional Health says there are many health benefits from cleaning:

  • Studies show that spending just 20 minutes a day cleaning is a proven way to reduce stress.

  • It also gives us a sense of accomplishment that makes us feel more confident, and in control!

  • And according to the American Heart Association, cleaning is one of the “moderate exercises” that lowers our risk of heart disease.

Are you – or do you live with – a super-cleaner?