Well, here's what your pet choice says about your personality:

First of all, the pet of choice for men was a big dog with 42 percent making that choice, while 41 percent of women said a cat was their favorite pet. So here's what each of those choices - and a few others - revealed about pet lovers:

Big Dog person: This person is fun-loving and a faithful friend and lover. Big dog people are sociable, spontaneous, and charming. They usually prefer to be outside, and often love sports.

Cat person: A cat person is usually independent, thoughtful, and self-aware. They prefer to have a few close friends rather than a big social circle. They may seem mysterious or aloof, but this is usually just a facade. They're actually very warm and loving.

And for the folks who prefer a less popular pet, like a Horse: This person is passionate about life and love. They're hardworking and loyal, but they also need their freedom. They like to be surrounded by beauty, and tend to be very attractive themselves.

Reptile person: A person who has a reptile for a pet is curious about life and has a hunger for knowledge. They're unique and don't follow the herd. A reptile person likes their surroundings to be neat and orderly.

And finally, if someone has a fish for a pet: They're very dedicated to home and family. They don't like to be alone and thrive in a team environment or a large family. They're very good in social situations and make others feel comfortable.