According to the London Daily Mail, nearly half the women in a recent survey described themselves this way. For these women, cleaning house is a bona fide addiction. They do it to feel in control of their lives and they say they find it mentally therapeutic. But how therapeutic can it be when half the women felt depressed if their house was messy? And about 7 out of 10 said they couldn’t enjoy the day if things were untidy – they’d be too busy worrying about it! And fully 20% of the women said they simply wouldn’t leave the house until it was spic and span.  
Researchers at the Discovery Channel sponsored the study. And they say it suggests that cleaning is the new therapy. It can be an outlet for stress and worry. But unfortunately, the habit has gotten out of control for some women. About half said they’d like to cut down on their scrubbing and dusting, but they just can’t seem to put down the cleaning supplies! Maybe that’s because a lot women compare their home to other women’s homes. The survey found that about 70% were afraid they’d be thought of as lazy if their homes weren’t clean.                  
But while there’s nothing wrong with keeping the place tidy, don’t get carried away. According to the book 100 Secrets of Happy Families by David Niven, the happiest families aren’t the cleanest families. That’s because when parents get so focused on the way the house looks, it can set a negative tone. It says that folded laundry and dust-free shelves are more important than emotional issues. And it can set the stage for power struggles within the family.

So while it’s common sense that you shouldn’t live like slobs, cleanliness shouldn’t be your highest priority either.