Moms and dads, do you feel guilty about dropping your kids off at daycare? You shouldn’t. Here are four reasons daycare is good for your child: 

  • It protects their mental health. A recent study found that kids whose parents are stressed out or depressed are less likely to develop emotional problems if they go to daycare, compared to kids who stay home with their parents. That’s because the opportunity to interact with other kids helps reduce the effects of the anxiety at home. 

  • Another reason daycare is good for kids: It teaches important social skills. Child psychologists say kids who attend daycare have an easier time making friends and adjusting to changes when they start school. Daycare kids also do better than children who have nannies or who always hang out with grandma. For a child, there’s a big difference between being comfortable around adults and being comfortable in a group of kids. 

  • Also, sending your kids to daycare helps build better brains. Neuropsychologist Dr. Karen Postal says that structured daycare programs help develop the parts of the brain responsible for planning and impulse control, which helps them succeed in school and in the working world. In fact, a study found that early socialization has such a big impact on confidence levels that kids who attend daycare are twice as likely to go to college compared to kids who are cared for by a babysitter, nanny, or adult family member.