They polled over 900 women to get their take on men and their machines.  This is courtesy of Rodale Publications:

  • And according to the survey, women like men who drive SUVs and trucks the best. They consider those vehicles the most attractive. Sports cars were next on the list--and motorcycles came in last.
  • So what do women think of men in SUVs? The words they use to describe them are: confident, independent, strong and dependable.
  • Sports car drivers aren't thought of as well. The women polled described sports car drivers as shallow and conceited.
  • If you're a guy driving a 4-door sedan, like a Honda or a Toyota, women think of you as dependable and boring.
  • The biggest car no-nos as far as women are concerned? Messy interiors topped the list, followed by tricked out rims, sorry P.Diddy. Neon accessories were also big no-nos, and bumper stickers.
  • But if you've got an old junker, don't worry. 90 percent of the women surveyed said that wearing bad clothes is worse than driving a beat up car. And 75 percent of the women said a man's car plays a small or insignificant role in whether she'll date him.