It’s official: Kids and trampolines don’t mix!

That’s the gist of a new warning from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which says point blank: “Trampolines are too dangerous for children to use!” The warning’s based on the fact that trampolines cause over 100,000 injuries a year, with a-third of those injuries involving children. Plus, 75 percent of injuries result from two or more people jumping on a trampoline at once. And when that happens, statistics show that the smaller person is 14 times more likely to be significantly hurt than the larger one. And as we’ve talked about before, those injuries can include anything from leg sprains and fractures, to paralysis, and permanent brain damage!

Dr. Michele LaBotz is a sports medicine expert who says the problem is that all the new safety devices added to trampolines in recent years have lulled parents into a “false sense of security.” For example: Parents think that if they install a safety net to catch kids, then it’s okay to leave them unsupervised.

Unfortunately, Dr. LaBotz says once a kid gets jumping on a trampoline, they can be propelled into the air like a rocket.

And even though trampoline mats look soft and springy, she says landing on one awkwardly is the same as falling 10 feet onto a concrete sidewalk!

That’s why a growing number of doctors are actively discouraging parents from owning backyard trampolines. And some home-owners’ insurance policies won’t cover you if you have one.

The message is simple: Trampolines are NOT a toy for kids.