Here’s the scenario: You’ve got a long layover at the airport and an empty stomach. What should you have for lunch? If your only option is airport food, here are three items recommended by the experts, which each have less than 300 calories:

First: Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal. With only 140 calories, and barely any fat, it’s described as “one of the healthiest food options in the airport”.

Another healthy choice: Au Bon Pain Garden Vegetable Soup. It has just 80 calories per serving, and is packed with healthy protein and fiber.

One more healthy airport food choice: McDonald’s Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken. The keyword there is “grilled,” since grilled chicken has just 230 calories, while offering 33 grams of healthy protein.

So, what airport foods should you avoid? Basically, experts say any kind of “stuffed crust” or deep dish pan pizza is probably the worst choice you can make.  Also, stay away from any burger that has “double” or “deluxe” in the name.  And avoid healthy-looking wraps that are actually loaded with fattening mayo and cheese.