Recently, a team of researchers finished the largest brain-imaging study ever conducted! And after analyzing images of more than 26-thousand brains, they found some key differences between men’s brains and women’s brains. For example:

  • On average, men’s brain’s are 9-percent BIGGER than women’s brains. Dr. Daniel Amen is a brain imaging expert who led this new study, and he says this makes sense, because men’s bodies are larger overall.

  • But it turns out, women’s brains are MORE ACTIVE. In over a hundred different brain regions the researchers analyzed, women showed increased blood flow in a whopping 88-percent! And most of the extra activity was in areas of the brain associated with things like impulse control, emotions, and storing memories. Dr. Amen says guys, if you ever wondered why your wife or girlfriend never forgets things, that’s why.

  • But men have their own “brain strengths.” First, they showed more activity in regions associated with visual perception, and tracking objects through space. That explains why men tend to have a better sense of direction than women, even when they’re lost.

  • Also, men tend to be HAPPIER than women. That’s because men’s brains produce 52-percent more feel-good serotonin than women’s. Which helps explain why men are half as likely as women to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders, and depression.

  • So here’s the big question: Does one sex have a “smarter” brain than the other? Dr. Amen says “no,” because men and women can solve the same problems, we’re just wired to solve them in different ways. But if you’re looking for a smarter leader, a recent Harvard study gives women a slight advantage. Because research shows that while teams of men tend to make faster decisions, teams of women tend to put more thought into making the right decisions!