Your kitchen habits could be putting your health at risk! Researchers polled the habits of more than 500 home cooks and professional chefs, and discovered the mistakes we make. And whether what we’re doing is risky, or just gross:

  • 1-in-3 people say they have eaten food with bugs in it. Like eating pasta after finding weevils in it, or the random ant on your produce. Food safety expert Sarah Klein says an aphid or earthworm from the farm, or a random ant, is harmless. But if you find bugs in your dried food, like rice, pasta, or flour – toss it. Those bugs are breeding. Also, if you find a cockroach in your food, trash it! The roach didn’t come from the farm. It probably came from a warehouse or restaurant kitchen, and they can carry salmonella.
  • Half of us serve food that hits the floor. Our expert wouldn’t eat anything off their kitchen floor. Because numerous studies show dropped foods – especially moist ones, like fruit and meat – can instantly pick up salmonella.
  • 63% of us eat raw cookie dough and other partially cooked foods. If you eat something that contains raw egg, you’re just asking for food poisoning. And if you taste foods that won’t be cooked – like licking frosting off a knife – and then using that knife to frost a cake, or licking salad dressing off tongs and then continuing to toss the salad, you could introduce strep or the flu into the food, and infect everyone you’re serving.
  • Double-dipping. It’s our worst eating offense – and 76% of us do it. And germ experts say it’s like French kissing everyone in the room. And beware of finger foods – like nuts from a bowl – because 10% of all people have E. coli on their hands.

So, try to keep these tips in mind next time you're making dinner or baking cookies. It could mean the difference between a delicious meal or a trip to the emergency room.