Today’s gadgets are making us weaker, less productive, and less creative!

That’s the message from Google co-founder Sergey Brin. 

He says, until recently, most technology was designed to help us create things because with computers, for example, we could write a report - or design plans for a new car - faster and more accurately than ever before. And with the Internet, we could build Websites to share all the content we’d created – whether it’s a blog we’d written, or photos we’d taken.

But with today’s new gadgets, Brin says we’re more likely to use technology to consume things. Think about it: The most we type on our cell phones today is a text message. And with tablets, we’re more likely to use those to watch videos, read eBooks, or surf the Internet, than to create something.

Because unlike computers - mobile, touch-screen devices are harder to type on – so we’re actually contributing less as a society! In fact, Wikipedia noticed that as our gadgets got smaller and hand-held, they had fewer submissions.

Think about it – it’s easier to just click “like” on Facebook from your phone than to type an email to a friend.

In fact, that’s one reason why new gadgets are getting bigger and why tablets come with detachable keyboards. Not only do surveys show that people think the designs look “cool,” but the larger devices make it easier to type. So, people feel like they’re being productive again!