If you need another reason to boost your intake of heart-healthy omega-3s, remember the number 2 point 2. 

In a recent study, the senior citizens who got 400 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids a day lived 2-point-2 years longer than those who didn’t. 

And, the younger you start getting plenty of omega-3s, the more extra years you’ll get. 

So, why are omega-3s such a fountain of youth? Because they help lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation throughout the body – which reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke. Omega-3s also reduce the risk of dangerous heart arrhythmias.

Some of the best sources of omega-3s are saltwater fish, especially wild salmon, mackerel, and sardines. But if you’re not a fan of fish, don’t worry. Here are 4 other great sources: 

  • #1: Flaxseed. 2-teaspoons of flaxseed contain more than 400 milligrams of Omega-3s. You can mix it into salads, yogurt or cereal.

  • A handful walnuts delivers almost a week’s supply of omega-3s. And even though they’re considered fattening, one ounce of walnuts is only 185 calories. 

  • Another good source of omega-3s is a favorite among vegetarians: Tofu. So, add about 5-ounces of tofu to stir-fries, salads or soups. 

  • And the final food is not just heart-healthy, it’s also easy on your wallet: Spinach. One cup of boiled spinach supplies half of the omega-3s you need to live a longer life. And it costs less than 20 cents.