A generation ago, women tended to marry men who were better educated, and made more money than they did. Today, that trend is reversing and there’s been a substantial worldwide increase in men marrying women more educated than they are. They’re “marrying up.”

Why? Because women are taking the lead in education and salaries. More women are going to college than men – and more likely to get advanced degrees. Already, women account for 61 percent of all masters’ degrees awarded, and half of all doctorates.  And on some campuses, the females outnumber males by almost 3-to-1.  Also, women are less likely to leave school to get married, like women in older generations.

Some experts thought the changes might lead to more single women.  But studies show that couples have been adapting quite well. And turning traditional gender roles on their head, where the wife earns the money, and the husband takes care of the home and children. Right now, 40 percent of wives in the U.S. out-earn their husbands. So, if a parent decides to give up their salary, it’s the lower-salaried person who usually stays home – even if it’s the man.

And it seems to be working fairly well. In the survey, 80 percent of couples where the wife is the breadwinner describe themselves as happy. In fact, the latest status symbol for a high-powered career woman isn’t a fancy car, a condo or a pair of Prada pumps. According to the Today Show, it’s a trophy husband, someone who’ll pick up the dry cleaning, change diapers, and do the dishes.