The hottest new term in men’s fashion is “brosiery”, as in “bro hosiery.”

According to a new survey, that’s the preferred name for the trend of men that are wearing nylons and pantyhose traditionally worn by women. “Brosiery” beat out other popular terms for this stuff, like “mantyhose,” “guy-lons,” and even “he-tards”, as in leotards for men.

The trend has gotten big enough that one designer we read about recently launched a line of “unisex tights,” for both men and women. Those come in a variety of colorful, but manly, styles including stars, stripes, and skull patterns! Some even have strategically placed front zippers, and they’re made with a special mix of cotton and nylon, that’s designed to account for a man’s higher perspiration levels.

So, who wears “brosiery”? Experts say a lot of men buy pantyhose to wear under their pants, for extra warmth, like “long johns.” And statistics show that brosiery sales are strongest in climates that are the coldest, including Canada!

However, a growing number of men are also pairing brosiery with shorts, to make a fashion statement. And experts say there are several new online forums popping up, where men can post photos and comments about their favorite male hosiery.

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