If kids can't run around like out-of-control Tasmanian Devils at the mall food court - what's the world coming to? Well, at a shopping mall in Sydney, kids need to be under control from now on.

The mall is fed up with kids "running amok." So, they've introduced a new policy, warning that "screaming children will not be tolerated" in the food court. Mall manager Brenda Mulcahy said the policy was introduced following a flood of customer complaints. She says, "Parents have to be more responsible."

But parenting expert, Dr. Justin Coulson, says this is just another instance of the world becoming less tolerant of children, in general. Dr. Coulson says "There is a such a lack of empathy for parents - there is so much judgment around parents who are, for the most part, doing their best."

What do you think: Are kids more out-of-control than ever? Are we growing intolerant of typical kid behavior? Or is it that we're intolerant of the parents who let their kids run amok?