The reason today’s men are falling behind women – in college and in life – may be because of the way they behaved in grade school! 

That’s according to Christina Sommers, who wrote the book The War Against Boys. Her thinking is that starting in grade school, many teachers factor our behavior into our grades, and let’s face it, little girls are generally better behaved than little boys. 

And to make matters worse, the things that help boys blow off steam and focus have been taken away - like recess. Plus, schools are now more focused on collaboration than competitiveness - which also goes against boys' nature. So, boys are being set up to fail from an early age. And that can have a ripple effect that lasts well into adulthood.

So, how does Sommers recommend fixing the problem? She says some schools in Canada, Australia, and the U-K are experimenting with new programs designed to indulge boys, and get them to pay more attention.

For example: They’re assigning more boy-friendly books to read - including science fiction, fantasy, and sports novels. They’re also scheduling more recess time, where boys can get all their aggression and energy out, so they’re more likely to behave and pay attention in class.

Some schools are even setting up boys-only classes near warehouses, steelyards, and gas stations! The thinking is that boys tend to focus more on their school work, when they know that if they do well, they can go next door after class and do hands-on work building things.

If you want to go further, the book is called The War Against Boys, by Christina Sommers.