Want to boost your health? Simply download these new Smartphone apps. * For example - if you have a sudden mysterious pain: Be your own Dr. House. Pull up the free WebMD mobile app. All you do is type in your symptoms, and boom, it instantly supplies possible causes and treatment. It also includes step-by-step guides for emergency moves like CPR, which eight out of 10 North Americans don't know how to perform properly. * Another app that'll boost your health: The I-Heart-Rate Monitor app. It's like having a personal trainer with you for every step of your work-out, but without the expensive gym bill. After you exercise, you simply take your neck pulse with one hand, and tap the screen with every beat with the other. It instantly estimates your heart rate and calories burned, and all for a dollar. * Then, the #1 medical app of last year was MedScape. It's free and it can tell you if any of the prescriptions or supplements you're taking will interact badly with each other. It also has physician, pharmacy, and hospital directories. Plus it'll tell you about 600 medical procedures. For health professionals, it has continuing medical education activities that can earn you credits! * Finally, there's Sleep Cycle. It's 99 cents and once you load it onto your iPhone or your BlackBerry, you place the device on your bed, under the fitted sheet. Then in the morning, Sleep Cycle gives you an hour-by-hour chart of your tossing and turning! It'll tell you when you were in deep sleep, dreaming, and awake. It'll also slowly wake you up when you're in the lightest phase of sleep, so it feels like you're naturally waking up.